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Amazing art and the overall feeling with the music is great, however I felt very lost and I just didn't keep playing, I suppose you have to go through the crystals and breathe but it's too easy to get lost in the dark and then you start again... but the idea and art is great!

NoVowelStudios, I found your game very good and interesting, your concept is very creative, your story is very happy and sad at the same time, but there are some parts of the game that have or need to be fixed, Bugs in the scenery, lack of texture  , improvement in graphics, but in addition everything is very good.  I just wanted to know if there is going to be for consoles & Mobile?


I was expecting quite a lot more from a whole team of devs. I think its supposed to be relaxing, and thats really not my thing so this might not be for me. Even so there are a number of things wrong with this. Progression is slow. There is 1 area with the rock spikes that is interesting enough to keep you there long enough. The others...well if you're gonna make me saunterthrough it, then give me something to look at! The animation of the girl is janky and shes levitating half the time. The game has no difficulty, so why bother with the butterflies? I though its supposed to relax, not loom death over your head. I need at least a bit of story, as to why i even should be doing any of this or why i should care about the character. So i never did and the experience is awful - i've wasted my time. Also why bother making a 5 min experience? Well if that experience had something to offer, maybe, but this doesnt. Camera controls are too sensitive for me as well, would like an option to adjust that. 

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dude its a free game it probably has some flaws but if its such a big problem why dont u have them make a paid version where they improve the game. all im saying is your demands meet with paid games not free ones . plus they made it in a week so dont have such high expectations just bcuz there a group of devs instead of one .


without criticism, how would they improve? And also im keeping others from wasting their time. They chose to make and release this. Has nothing to do with free or paid. I judge the work as is.


ok so basically what your saying is they should put just as much work , time and energy into something they practically give away and something they actually earn something to pay the bills ? Look, you have your own opinions and thats ok all im saying is that your time doesnt mean jack shit to anyone on the dev team on this game . they probably made this just to release a free game fr someone to just play without paying not for some high horsed douche like you. Tip: next time buy  good game youll enjoy instead of criticizing something you got for free.



Good game. It's kinda slow though but ok.

prob ur pc but ok

Las visuales del juego son muy buenas, la mecánica de las mariposas es interesante al igual que lo de respirar. 

Ahora, lo que no me gustó es un poco la sensibilidad al mover la camara, lo sentía un poco brusco, no se que tantos requisitos necesita el juego pero lo sentí lagueado


I playing it on a school computer


Played this game and loved the look of it and i enjoy the most games in which visuals are so beautiful, recently i made my own game launcher and if your team is interested i would love you to publish the game there if you're interested write to me on discord 

Visuals are beautiful, gameplay is a bit slow. Still, there’s no way I could have done anything similarly as good in a week!

part 2 of my gameplay

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Boaring but beautiful gameplay. It was made in 1 week so considering this fact its a pretty good game.

Excellent art and sound design


Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to give you some feedback about it, hopefuly it will be helpful for the development of the game or new ones that you make :D

-Visual style, main mechanic, the main concept around the character and everything around it it's quite awesome and I really loved it  :D

-Making more clear the function of breathing near the crystals could be great as I was confused about it at the beginning of the game and took me some time to figure it out.

-In general the game has a level of polish quite good, adding more context ingame for the history and some little tweeks here and there could end up in having a game very interesting that I would love to buy at Steam (for exemple) :D

Regards :)

I can´t play the game ;-; I extracted the file with winrar, but it dosn't work


looks frickin cool

I love the game and looks really nice exploring and the feel of it is somewhat relaxing in a way:

I too am also working on a game and would love it if you played it and gave feedback so it can look just as good as yours.
Thank you uwu

The lightings are weird... They sometimes don`t appear. But despite that, A very fun game!


how TF do i play on school computer


What computer r u on










 just download win rar and convert it and then you should be able to, ive done it so it should work on urs as well.

nobody talks about 7zip


absolutely underated comment

if you're on a chromebook you can't download things off the internet, so if you are you're out of luck D:


This game was interesting! I love the concept, and I enjoyed playing it. The style, the mechanics and visuals all work together very well, though could've used a little more sound design, and mouse sensitivity/graphics settings (Though this was made in a week, so I understand). Other than that, it's a great game! Good stuff, looking forward to more projects!

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan



Beautifull game

Hey Devs,

I gave it a go, love the atmosphere! it's really cool to just walk around and enjoy the view. I'm very interested in seeing more of the story and what different elements you add going forward, I tried to comment on everything I was experiencing in my video so check it out for some more feedback. Great work so far, Keep it up!!

- Elit3hoboguy

My Video:  


I am seriously interested in your game! It looks amazing. I was wondering how long the game is it? I am considering doing a YouTube video on it.

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The art of the game is beautiful and the gameplay to breathe too. At first I didn't really understand how it worked, but then it's easy. Good job! 

Amazing game dev :D 


This game has amazing art! Congratulations to the artists!